Making waves with mortar

Paving systems and modular pavements in public spaces that look outstanding and prove enduring are no accident.

The team at 360 Urban pulls together unparalleled experience in the paving industry and proven international systems to deliver paving solutions for streetscapes that are truly world class.

Our carefully tested paving products and specifications for public realm and streetscape projects ensure jobs meet essential performance criteria, including a long life and cost-effective maintenance. We recognise the importance of ensuring jobs are cost-effective and are environmentally sustainable.

We offer high-performance and proven solutions for both bound and unbound pavements. These include Steintec™ paving mortar and slurry grouts, and jointing sands using our patent-pending tuffglass™ technology, tuffgrit™ and tuffjoint™ for use with unbound installations.

These are complemented with an innovative selection of custom urban elements™ and enhanced pavement after-care products, all of which are thoroughly tested to ensure their durability in demanding urban environments.

360 are innovators, market leaders in research and development, and are respected worldwide for our technical ability and knowledge of paving projects and materials.

Our team is passionate about segmental stone pavements and streetscape environments, and can help engineers, landscape architects, specifiers and professional paving contractors in all aspects of a project, from design concept and specification to implementation.

We recognise the importance of using proven paving systems and materials that meet key performance criteria and internationally recognised standards to ensure that completed pavement projects are long-lasting and maintain their good looks.

Our team has extensive experience in international projects where paving durability, longevity and visual appeal have been crucial. We recognise that paving projects are a costly investment, and a life-cycle of outstanding performance are crucial to their long-term economic viability.

Our core values are shaping the culture and defining the character of urban projects in a sustainable environment. Our ongoing focus on paving product and system developments contribute to this goal.

We continue to consult extensively with civil engineering specifiers, urban landscape architects and local Government bodies, including their consultants, for major paving projects around the country, and internationally.

360 Urban can provide expert pavement advice and product support for highly technical pavement applications and has a proven track record with both private development and local-government supply.

Our technical ability and proven paving product lead not only to jobs of world class standard; we have also focused on labour requirements and a more efficient use of materials and systems with the kind of workability that allows faster installations - a key issue in programme completion.

The key is providing a complete package - proven and tested products, effective installation systems that provide workability and enduring results, and specialist advice that ensures jobs go according to budget and achieve a superior result.

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