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360 Urban is a pavement systems company that specialises in the supply, management and maintenance of commercial urban elements™.

We offer access to outstanding products, and a carefully selected choice of materials and solutions that have not only proved themselves in the harshest commercial environments, but look great and prove durable.

360 Urban's paving portfolio and consulting services are backed by years of experience in the industry, with extensive system testing.

Our paving solutions help deliver public spaces and streetscape projects that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

We offer:

• The Steintec™ accredited paving mortar range of high-performance systems. They offer full compliance to the requirements of BS7533.

• Enviropave Tuffsand™. This is a natural eco-friendly jointing sand binder of recycled glass blended with natural products, free of all manufactured resins, polymers and cement. The product is suitable for all pedestrian and vehicle paving surfaces, as well as drives and patios.

• aggrok™. This product is designed around our tuffglass™ and aggregate science technology. It is a proven performer which binds and locks our aggregates to provide a durable, permeable natural aggregate pavement surface. It is available in a range of unique New Zealand landscape colours.

• The permeable paving range of enviropave Tuffgritt™ and tuffjoint™. These products deliver superior results in unbound pavement systems.

• Architectural pavement solutions with reconstituted concrete pavers, granite, basalt, sandstone, and using naturally coloured aggregates with varying surface treatments, all offering low ongoing maintenance costs.

• WEISS range of economical pavement protection and cleaning products. These reduce maintenance time and costs, while maximising the life cycle of paved surfaces.

360 Urban's team has consulted on major commercial paving projects around the world, and recognises the importance of high performance, cost-effective products and systems.

We spend the time to tailor paving solutions for a wide range of applications both bound and unbound pavements, offering engineers, landscape architects, specifiers and professional paving contractors and other end-users the benefit of years of New Zealand and international experience.

Our technical and installation expertise goes back 25 years and has been proven on projects as diverse as city centres, airport aprons, theme parks, port developments, championship golf-course developments and heavy duty pavements for the transport industry.

360 Urban incorporates Mirage Paving Project Management, which has managed projects for international companies since 1990, assisting clients with project design reviews, pavement specifications, job-site efficiency and project management.

This has often meant a paradigm shift for these teams from manual to mechanical laying methods, and has resulted in the further development and enhancement of the hard scape and paving markets.

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