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Aggrok™ is a unique environmental stabilised aggregate with a commitment to sustainability. It was specifically developed to provide an organic solution for modern urban landscapes. With its natural aesthetic, aggrok™ is ideal for footpaths, pedestrian or recreational areas, parks and reserves, botanical gardens, trails and permeable surfaces around trees or any environment where a natural feel is desired.

Substantially resisting the erosive effects of weather and traffic, aggrok™ provides a stable, non-toxic and non-staining finished surface. Based on the latest in aggregate science technology, aggrok™ is bound and locked, creating a durable and permeable solution. Consisting of a variety of aggregate types, with the option of combining recycled materials, aggrok™ is provided pre-blended, enabling simple and efficient installation.

Installing aggrok™ involves a prepared base which has been pre-soaked and compacted prior to installation. The supplied aggrok™ is raked smooth over the base to the desired grade and recommended depth. The surface is then watered thoroughly and allowed to set up. After 6to 48 hours the aggrok™ needs to be compacted by a suitable roller and left to dry. Once completely dry the finished surface should be smooth, uniform and solid with a small amount of loose material appearing after use, but a stable surface remains under foot.

Aggrok™, with our unique tuffglass™ technology, is free of all manufactured resins, polymers and cement. Available in six base colours inspired by New Zealand's distinctive landscape. There is the opportunity to custom blend our aggregates to create additional tones to complement the aesthetic of any individual project.



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