360 Urban has grown from a 25-year involvement in the paving industry by its technical director, Kerry Evans.

The paving consulting specialist and his colleagues have led the installation of bound and unbound structural segmental pavements in major projects around the world. These include industrial ports, airport aprons, city centres, exclusive Middle East golf courses, and even an international theme park in Hong Kong by Walt Disney Imagineering.

He is passionate about the specialist subject of paving and has consulted widely on a range of paving projects, including some where major remediation work has been required. This has driven his desire to better manage construction methods and specifications, and has seen him deeply involved in developing more manageable systems.

360 Urban recognises the investment that major paving installations represent. Some of this success has been down to the company's willingness to provide expert advice to the architects and engineers behind many of the world's biggest paving and public realm construction projects.

The company is focused on ensuring that paving materials and installation systems used are proven and meet the highest world standards to ensure jobs have an economic life and low ongoing maintenance costs. 360 remains active in research and development, both commercially and academically. Kerry has worked with colleague and academic David Burton to develop the tuffglass™ technology used to stabilise aggregates and jointing sand products. Several patents are pending.

Kerry was the driving force and leader of mechanical paving installation throughout the Middle East, South East Asia and New Zealand, and has a thorough understanding of large-scale installations exceeding 10 million square meters.

360 consults extensively with civil engineering specifiers and urban landscape architects for major paving projects around the country and internationally, as well as local government bodies and their engaged consultants.

Our involvement with a wide range of pavement disciplines across the globe has provided the knowledge to better understand pavement construction and installation techniques in an industry that dates back to 3000BC.

The company is rigid in its view that compliance with industry standards is crucial to the success of pavement projects and it is this commitment to quality that raises 360 Urban's product portfolio and technical knowledge above its competitors.

Innovation and painstaking research, some in collaboration with European-based specialists, have ensured that product testing and evolution are continuing.

"Tradition - Innovation - Evolution" are the cornerstones of the company's success.

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