Christchurch Civic Offices


Making waves with mortar outside the the Christchurch City Council Civic offices in Hereford Street which is currently closed following the 22 February earthquake. With unparalleled performance throughout the city, Steintec is specified as the professionals preferred choice of paving mortar and slurry grout to replace the damaged streetscape of basalt and previous installed mortar bedding.

Possessing remarkable performance characteristics and complying fully with the requirements of BS7533, the elastic modulus is optimised to provide the correct supporting stiffness whilst continually absorbing the thermal and dynamic stresses inherent in all pavement structures.

A measured performer under the extremes of violent shaking, the energy involved in this explosive earthquake generated unprecedented ground acceleration both horizontally and vertically. Accelerations in excess of 1.8g times the acceleration due to gravity were recorded by GeoNet’s strong motion instruments deployed around the Christchurch area.

The Civic Offices are expected to reopen near the end of October.

Steintec New Zealand

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