Aggrok Waitikiri Subdivision


Aggrok™ is a unique tuffglass™ stabilised aggregate with a commitment to sustainability. Specifically developed to provide an organic solution for modern urban landscapes, with its natural aesthetic, aggrok is ideal for footpaths, pedestrian or recreational areas, parks and reserves, botanical gardens, trails and permeable surfaces around trees or any environment where a natural feel is desired.

Substantially resisting the erosive effects of weather and light traffic, aggrok provides a stable, non-toxic finished surface. Based on the latest in aggregate science technology, aggrok is bound and locked creating a durable and permeable surface. Consisting of a variety of aggregate types, with the option of combining recycled materials, aggrok is provided pre-blended, enabling simple and efficient installation.

The Environmental Series / Waitikiri Subdivision Christchurch.

Landscape architecture & specification of the Waitikiri Subdivision is by the Christchurch based practice of Rough & Milne Landscape Architects.

Aggrok™ is a patent pending aggregate system and a New Zealand registered trademark.

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