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watermark aggrok

watermark aggrok

watermark aggrok

aggrok avon river christchurch

aggrok avon river christchurch redevelopment

watermark aggrokThe winding path of the Otakaro/Avon River will mark Christchurch’s new river precinct. Te Papa Otakaro will include Victoria Square (formerly Market Square) and be part of the central city’s spiritual and aesthetic identity. The visual contrast between the curving river and the linear grid of the streets is a key element of the city’s distinctive urban form.

Otakaro holds great significance for Ngai Tahu: the river was their commercial vein, transport route, source of mahinga kai, and the place by which they lived and traded. The new precinct will give priority to people and provide for cyclists and pedestrians.

Land facing north and west onto the river has high amenity value and is close to the Core. Cafes and bars will re-emerge, inviting connection with the river. New buildings, including hotels, will enjoy river views.

The park zoning will be about 30 metres wide on either side of the river and addresses existing geotechnical constraints. As part of Te Papa Otakaro, Victoria Square will be revitalised as a place of welcome for all and become a thriving and vibrant area.

‘Watermark’ is the first section of Te Papa Otakaro/Avon River Precinct to be designed and constructed. This early development site spans the river’s true left bank between Antigua Boatsheds and Montreal Street and will provide a snapshot of how some elements of the river precinct could look and feel. The design for the Avon River Precinct will be further developed with community feedback helping to achieve a long-term vision for the precinct.

Article Acknowledgment – Canterbury Business Development Unit.


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