Probst Material Handling Systems NZ


NZ’s only Authorised and trusted partner for Probst Handling equipment in New Zealand. Probst worldwide offers the broadest range of handling and laying equipment for the building and construction industry.

VACUUM POWER HANDY VPH 150 for Flexible and powerful hand operated vacuum laying device for stone paving, granite paving, basalt paving, concrete pavers and slabs

TELESCOPIC SCREEDING SYSTEM suitable for the precise and flexible screeding of sand bedding layers.

PAVER SET paving block extractor, alignment bar, rubber hammer.

PROFI-SLAB HANDLE for the laying of concrete and natural stone paving slabs.

STONE MAGNET VACUUM powerful and cordless vacuum lifting device for the laying of dense stone slabs, concrete elements, pipes and precast. Can be used on all kinds of lifting equipment.

FTZ GRAB for Prefabricated Concrete Products.

VACUUM LIFTING DEVICE for all fork lift trucks which is hydraulic driven vacuum lifting device to handle any concrete slabs. Equipped with fork sleeves and hydraulic rotator.

BAG & SACK VACUUM safe and convenient transport of sand, granulate and concrete bulk bags. Bag grippers are specific suction plates for warehouse order-picking and transport of bags.

VACUUM HOSE LIFTER for all concrete elements. Large format concrete elements such a slabs, precast stair elements, wall panels, kerbs etc. are more and more common on the market with high value surface treatments.

PIPES & MANHOLES building material plants, in-plant handling. Hydraulic grab and vacuum attachments for all drainage systems.

VACUUM LIFT large tiles or natural stone slabs quickly and in a way that is gentle on the back – with the new vacuum hand laying device. The new vacuum hand laying device for tilers and landscape contractors allows easy and quick lifting, shifting and laying of tiles, natural stones and slabs with one hand.


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