Steintec BS 7533 Paving Mortar Systems


Steintec BS 7533 Paving Mortar Systems – tuffbed, tuffbed 2-pack, tuffbond, tufftop & tuffgrout

The Paving Mortar Collection – SteinTec High Performance Natural Stone Pavement Design, Construction, Protection and Maintenance. A well respected research and development team focused on modular pavements continuing the traditions since the Minoans built roads from segmental units dating 3000 BC

As a manufacturer of premium construction materials, developing long lasting relationships with engineers, architects and contractors is of key importance. Professionals need to trust in the products they are specifying, they need to understand the products and how they are best applied and used.

For many years Steintec has worked with contractors, architects, designers and engineers to create award winning modular pavements throughout New Zealand and Australia. Steintec recognises the importance of these relationships and by understanding architects requirements can ensure products, services and training is tailored accordingly.

Reduce the risk of costly failure in the public realm, the benefits of Steintec BS 7533 Paving Mortar Systems

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