East Frame Basalt Kerb Installation


Probst Handling equipment in New Zealand.

Mechanical Installation of basalt kerb systems in the East Frame Residential Priceinct, Christchurch.

Ergonomics and Efficiency Must Not Oppose One Another. Probst has committed to this principle over five decades of market presence.

Furthermore, health and safety regulations specifying the manual lifting and positioning of heavy loads is getting more and more important. As such, up to 10 tonnes of weight are moved per day in kerb stone and slab installation. Without suitable equipment, there are frequently countless risks for the installers.

There is also another aspect: the installation work must be compliant with the highest quality demands and standards and high-valued elements must not be damaged.

Last but not least: the safety and high quality of the equipment and machinery is a matter of course.

Customers should be sure that all of these conditions are met when they choose an original Probst product from Pavezone.

Pavezone promises its customers that they will be amazed at the efficiency increase they achieve with our equipment and machinery! Such an investment often pays off within a short time. And that’s why with good reason Probst claims the better solution.

EASYGRIP EXG – MAXI is a mechanical grab suitable for handling elements, such as kerbstones, slabs, steps, concrete, granite & basalt.

VACUUM-POWER-HANDY VPH – Flexible and powerful hand operated vacuum laying device for dense products, such as granite or high quality concrete elements up to 150 kg weight.

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Probst Handling equipment in New Zealand-2

Forced Action Mixer New Zealand

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