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Staining from fast food, associated with oil and grease, is one of the most serious problems for public spaces. Oil and tyre marks from vehicular traffic are an associated problem and chewing gum is a perennial curse.

Whilst none of these can be completely negated it is possible to provide an economical pavement protection and cleaning regime which can create a very noticeable and sustainable improvement.

One problem can be that sites are excessively cleaned during their service life and it is important that those charged with cleansing do not respond to a demand for spotlessness by increasing the severity and frequency of aggressive cleaning procedures; rendering the pavement super-vulnerable to fresh staining.


WEISS INSTALL is a pre-construction protection for Natural Stone and Precast Concrete paving elements

WEISS INSTALL provides protection for highly absorbent surfaces, at risk of discoloration from construction site contaminants such as diesel and hydraulic oil.
Rinsing away mortar residue after jointing is made easier, reducing the need for acid cleaners. Post-construction impregnation may be effected using StainProtect PROFI.

StainProtect Profi

WEISS STAINPROTECT PROFI protects against stubborn pavement grime

WEISS StainProtect PROFI protects natural stone and concrete pavements against grease, oil, fats, fast food, tyre rubber, footwear marks and normal pavement grime.

FT Plus

WEISS FT PLUS is a 'wet look' colour enhancer for natural stone and concrete pavements

WEISS FT Plus is a 'wet look' colour enhancer of natural stone and concrete pavements, giving a consistent appearance and uniform coloration during both wet and dry conditions, also providing protection against staining by grease, oil, fats, fast food, trye rubber, footwear marks and normal pavement grime combined with water repellency.


Cement stain remover and protection

WEISS Z.IMP allows the removal of cement staining to newly constructed natural stone pavements combined with Impregnator Protection against staining by oil, fats, fast food, tyre rubber, footwear marks and normal pavement grime; in a single process.


General Cold Water Wash

WEISS GR may be used for routine cleaning of all types of natural stone and concrete pavements. Weiss GR removes general traffic stains such as oil, grease, grime and rubber. It can also be used to remove 'fast food' stains. Ideal for general cleaning or intensive spot cleaning.


Maintenance and Cleaning

ONEX allows active removal and prevention of green growth such as algae. It removes organic stains which are often found under trees, in shaded areas and on roofs. It is especially effective for terraces, patios, steps walls and roads of natural and cast stone.

Prevents new growth for a period of 6 months.


Special Cleaning

Removes deep and stubborn oil stains from all types of concrete and natural stone flooring and pavement surfaces, even plaster walls.

RCI Rust Remover

RCI allows the removal of rust staining from natural stone surfaces, both internal and external. Suitable for most types of granite and some sandstones, also acid resistant man-made paving and flooring elements such as ceramic tiles and terra cotta.

Not for use with limestone, marble and some types of sandstones.





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