Port Coogee Marina

| May 4, 2016

Based around a world-class marina, this exceptional neighbourhood provides a new way of living in a relaxing yet vibrant environment. Port Coogee is one of Australia’s largest coastal marina development projects with an end value of nearly $2 billion.

Steintec performance is keeping pace with the strict demands of this marina development using our low carbon footprint paving mortars. High performance tuffbed 2-pack bedding mortar combined with tuffbond and our tuffgrout jointing mortar.

Tuffgrout using only natural ingredients prevent the shrinkage problems associated with the polymer additives used by other manufacturers, and with its optimum elastic modulus, high performance is achieved without compromise. Its all-round proven quality, ease of use and good economy are unrivalled.

SteinTec mortars are totally compliant with all elements of BS 7533 — the British Standard for modular paving — and, unlike the products of some competitors, remains so after it has been laid and cured.

Port Coogee Perth Australia Steintec

Port Coogee Steintec Australia_01

Port Coogee Steintec Australia_02

Port Coogee Steintec Australia_03

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