Probst Handling Equipment

| September 27, 2017

German Probst is world-renowned for its construction tools. Due to its high degree of innovation and quality of mind, Probst has become the market leader in its industry – not bad by a company in a competitive industry, which has only existed for more than 50 years.

Probst was founded in 1961 by Ernst Probst. He was a carpenter, had worked for a period of time as a metal worker and worked for a number of years as a dealer of agricultural machinery. But the urge to create his own business became too big, and in 1961 he founded Probst – and his wife Helene Probst as the first employee.

The company started small to produce grabs and less handling equipment. The first order sounded a design for a grab that was able to handle concrete blocks using a forklift truck. And then, it was a blow to the worldwide business Probst is today – a company that literally makes things move. In an innovative, efficient and ergonomic way.

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